© Copyright Beacon Intelligence Systems 2011 Made with Xara Beacon - Intelligence on the move... We can package training to meet your needs...  Beacon has a world view about Intelligence... Beacon Intelligence Systems welcomes you to our web site.   Beacon Intelligence Systems started life in 1994 as Beacon Analysis & Research.  In those  days, we provided intelligence analysis and related training opportunities to the Australian  market.  In 2004, we changed our name to Beacon Intelligence Systems in order to reflect the  wider range of services we now deliver and our world market focus.    Today, through our venture partners in Australia and internationally, we market a range of  training products and packages, software applications and consulting services to meet the  needs of the world market.  Please explore our web site to learn more about us and what we do.  If you have additional  questions, please feel free to email us at beacon@webone.com.au. Welcome Beacon Intelligence Systems Beacon Intelligence Systems