© Copyright Beacon Intelligence Systems 2011 Made with Xara Strategic Intelligence Analysis Training Program Our Strategic Intelligence Analysis Training Program is a 5-day course designed from the ground up in conjunction with our UK joint-venturer RISC to meet  the updated learning outcomes published by the UK National Analysts Working Group (now known as LEAF) under the auspices of the UK Home Office. This  course is the "state-of-the-art" strategic intelligence analysis course currently available to the public.  Key areas covered in the course include: Understanding of the role and placement of strategic intelligence products within Law Enforcement, including the application of intelligence at  tactical and strategic levels and, if appropriate, the integration of the UK NCIS National Intelligence Model into the development of intelligence  product. Introducing students to emerging advances in thinking skills, especially as they apply to intelligence development, including topics such as:  interrelationship digraphs; futures wheels; and triangulation; as well as the more traditional topics of vertical and lateral thinking and brainstorming.  Problem and task definition, including emerging advances such as: structural analysis; morphological analysis; stakeholder analysis; blueprinting &  back  casting; the use of 'dramas'; focal questioning; certainty & uncertainty; and time framing.  Development and framing the Terms of Reference, including: context analysis; and negotiation with clients and stakeholders.  Collection planning and data management, including: analysis of data needs, sources, limitations and uses; data evaluation in a real-time setting; as  well as identifying and dealing with data management overheads, including security and auditing.  Integration, interpretation and analysis of information, including the use of: logic; traps & pitfalls; factor analysis; key dimensions and the value of   STEEPS/PESTELOM analysis; scenarios; futures cones.  Statistical interpretation as an aid to the development of strategic intelligence products, including: statistical perspectives; the integration of  quantitative  and qualitative data; interpretation of incongruous data sets; advantages & limitations to statistical applications.  Articulation of analysis - the production of key judgments and the need to produce meaningful product, including: identification of key issues &  judgments; futures projections; building on certainty while accommodating uncertainty; risk identification, assessment & management; and possible,  plausible, probable and preferable  futures.  Delivering the product, including: telling, pitching & selling; the use of agency product templates; continuity, clarity & substantiation in language  and content. Review methods, including: meeting client needs and TOR; benchmarking; feedback; peer review; determining future needs.  Many of the skills, techniques and tools taught in this course represent the 'state-of-the-art' in emerging analytical and futures techniques and, as such,  have not been available in previous courses of this type. This is not a course about reading long-winded texts. The course is about learning through doing  while exposing analysts to a variety of new and challenging environments aimed at equipping them to meet the ever-increasing pressure for quality  strategic intelligence product.  Are you up to the challenge? Beacon Intelligence Systems